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CoinField is a crypto exchange operating in 190+ countries since 2018. 10 M+ Tingo users will catapult Coinfield into the top 10 largest crypto exchanges.
CoinField and Tingo Mobile joined together to create and distribute the first cryptocurrency to support food security.

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47,000,000 Sold / 3,000,000 Left

2021/12/07 -2021/12/25 $ 0.45
2021/12/07 -2021/12/25 $ 0.5
2021/12/07 -2021/12/25 $ 0.75
2021/12/07 -2021/12/25 $ 0.79
2021/12/25 -2021/03/31 $ 1.25

Token Metrics

The IEO will be done in FIAT, BTC and ETH, XRP, ADA.

300.000.000 30% IEO (including liquidity and operations)
150.000.000 15% manticore Labs CoinField Exchange owner
200.000.000 20% team
100.000.000 10% existing account holders and early investors
150.000.000 15% community fund
100.000.000 10% expansion fund (marketing purposes)

How To Buy

  1. Sign up Sign up for confident and safe trading
  2. Passing KYC It’s easy and safe
  3. Buy profitable CFC Who knows, who buys
  4. Waiting Waiting for a huge increase in the price for CFC within 6 month

СFC Cases: Tingo Ecosystem & Nwassa Platform

Tingo Ecosystem

Tingo, Inc., is in the process of acquiring CoinField. Tingo (OTCBB: IWBB) is valued at over $5 billion and has 10 million customers. All will be onboarded to CoinField.

The partnership with Tingo is the world's first case where a crypto exchange integrates with a mobile operator.

Nwassa Platform

Nwassa, a leading food trading platform that handles millions of trades a week and is growing 300% a year.

Nwassa accounts for 58% of Tingo’s profits, so it would be the focus of future expansion. 1,000 new food delivery people started to work for Nwassa last week.

Nwassa by Tingo operates in 5 of 6 key segments of the agritech sector.

CFC Unique Value Proposition

Credit Card
In the near future, CoinField will issue a credit card, enabling Field Coin holders to buy products at shops anywhere in the world.
In the near future, CoinField will issue a credit card, enabling Field Coin holders to buy products at shops anywhere in the world.
One of the possible cases for food security that we'd like to provide is tokenization of food crops, which can begin with rice. This project is at an advanced stage and will involve hundreds of thousands of farmers and demonstrably increase the wealth and food supply.
CoinField Blockchain and DEX
Utilizing DeFi will be an important use case for CoinField. We plans to migrate to its own blockchain in the future. That’s why building the DEX and DeFi ecosystem is really important for CoinField’s business and useful for the CoinField community, and why we plan to implement this task next year. We want to implement as many innovative tools for crypto users as possible on the DEX.
Commodity Loans and DeFi
It will include the bringing together of DeFi loans, stable tokens and tokenization of forward commodities contracts. The Field Team believes that innovation is the child of necessity.
Coinfield Launchpad
CoinField plans to expand its current ecosystem with many ambitious projects, including unique and unmatched projects for food security. These projects will be listed on our launchpad.
Expansion on African Market
Africa will be our highest priority for business development and, since millions of Tingo Mobile subscribers live there. Here it is worth highlighting Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. We also plan to deploy our activity in Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and DRC.
NFT Marketplace
CoinField plans to promptly build an advanced NFT Marketplace. And the CFC will be used there as a payment service. To jump-start populating this platform with users, a certain portion of CFC will be airdropped.
Social Impact
CFC is designed to have an important social role that includes enhancing and preserving buying power for buyers and sellers of food in Africa. We have a special initiative for African farmers and citizens of Nigeria and other African countries.
Impact Tokens
Coinfield Exchange’s mission is to become the home of Impact Tokens - coins and tokens that seek to make a positive difference based on the goals defined in the United Nations SDGs.
Next Goals
By the end of 2022 Coinfield plans:
  • Reach over than 10 millions of verified users
  • Increase the daily trade volume 10x and reach $420M daily trading volume by the end of 2024
  • CF community expected to grow to 30 million users by the end of 2025.

Confirmed start of the Coinfield project





Initial draft white paper completed, circulated to potential angel investors and to Coinfield 240,000 registered users

Announce Coinfield IEO plan, and release whitepaper to general public





IEO starts (platforms are announced) release V.10 go live, active trading begins





IEO finishes, or whenever the coins are sold out

Our Team

Alex Lightman

Executive Chairman & President

Surya Chowdhury

Chief Technology Officer

Dimitri Litvinovits

Chief operating officer (Europe)

Dmitry Rokityanskiy

Head of Product, CPO

Diederik Van Der Reijt

Lex Van Dam

Adonis Galtatzis

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